Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me (Sort of)...

It's official: I'm 40 years old.

And I don't have much to say about it. That's mostly because I'm not getting the birthday present I hoped I was, which is a real bummer, but in this instance, not surprising in the least. Remember how Judge Vaughn Walker ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, and that same-sex marriages were to resume in California on August 18? Won't happen -- the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on Walker's ruling. The good news is, the case will be heard in December, which is pretty damn soon as federal litigation goes.

This is just one more setback, not a devastating loss. I think within the next ten to fifteen years, it'll be happening in all fifty states. The demographics all but scream it. Voters aged 18-29 are the group most supportive of allowing gay couples to marry, whereas the 50-plus group is the most opposed to that. In fifteen years, the former group will be aged 33-44, and they'll have a small but influential role in determining this country's course by then. The latter group will always have a much larger share of the social and governmental pies, but times are changing -- in fifteen years, nearly all of these people will be far more interested in their Social Security checks than what the sexual orientations of their grandchildren are. In fact, given that lots of grandparents delight in spoiling their grandchildren in ways they never would have dared with their own children, maybe having a gay grandchild or even two will bring forth changes in some of their hearts.

So I can go without the birthday present this year. In the long run, the entire LGBT community will receive the same gift.

Beyond all that? Not much. I have to work today -- between working and the there-and-back commute, that's eleven hours of the day gone. But I'm not complaining. Thought about using a vacation day for today, but we're short-handed in the pre-press department -- one woman picked this week months ago for her own vacation time, and the main reason I was brought into that department was to help them keep pace with a greatly increased workload, so I figured what the hell, I'll show up. Millions of people can't find a job to save their houses, straight marriages, or asses right now. Fuck all that noise -- I'm slated to work today, I'm going to work.

And then there's my music. I've hit another roadblock. I put everything I wanted to do concerning a project from the 90s titled "Black Jackal Radio" on hold in order to get a request out of the way. Last month, I posted this cover of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne," to which a man named Max supplies the vocals. Max and I are both members of Fur Affinity, arguably the largest furry fandom site on the Internet. He and I are going to do another cover version, courtesy of a third FA member we both like. But since I'm supplying the music, I'm the one holding the process up -- the song in question is giving me conniptions. That, and other things I won't go into here, have been killing my concentration. Blogging is what I fall back on when I get frustrated musically -- hence the unusually active blogging lately. When that thing is finally finished, I'll link to it here.

Well, time to go. Wish me a good day at work...


  1. Have a good day at work, and Happy Birthday too!
    M. :-)

  2. Damn, Jim, it's probably too late to wish you a good day at work, but not so your birthday. So, Happy Birthday! (You can always have a good day at work tomorrow.)

  3. When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
    You understand now why you came this way

    Happy Birthday


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