Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Friggin' Game...

I was just looking around on the Internet for something different, and I found Doodle God. I've been playing it for an hour. It is a whole lot harder to play than it first appears.

Doodle God starts off very simply. You start with the four basic elements, air, earth, fire and water, and you combine two of them to make new elements. Initially, there are six possible combinations. If you begin with air and earth, for example, you get dust. Now you have five elements and a total of nine remaining possible combinations. If your next move is combining air and fire, you get energy, giving you six elements, and there are now thirteen possible combinations. Each new element created opens up more possibilities. But most pairings will produce nothing (such as dust and energy), and it gets increasingly harder to find the right ones as you go along.

The goal is to find 115 elements in a total of 14 groups. So far, I've found eleven of the groups -- dust is in the "earth" group, air, water and fire are in their own groups, and energy belongs to a fifth group. I've only found 39 elements, though, and it's never going to get easier. Some combos make sense. If you match earth and fire, you get lava, and if you match lava with water, you get stone. Match water with earth, you get swamp; match swamp with energy, you get life. But there are some surprises in this game. Match life with stone, for example, and you get golem -- and golem goes into the group that contains ghost and treant (a tree with human traits, it appears) thus far in my progress.

And I've been at this for an hour.

Play this game only if you have lots of free time...


  1. OMG ! THAT would drive me CRAZY!! M.:-)

  2. Sounds a little H.G. Wellian....The study of Nature makes a man at last as remorseless as Nature.

  3. Oh and ... happy birthday Jimbo. Lance Johnson.


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