Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Hate Like Hell To Have To Paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld...

But if you call yourself a disgusted liberal or a disgusted progressive these days, then tough crullers -- come November, you go to vote for the Democrats you have, not stay home because the Democrats you want aren't on the ballot. That's the best deal you're gonna get this year, like it or not. Gordon over at the Brain gets it:

I know that we're not particularly fond of the Democrats right now, but the alternative is far worse. Cheney was right when he said the American people get their chance to be heard every four years, or in this case, every two years. As distasteful and arrogant as that is, it's absolutely correct. If you still your voice by throwing away your vote, either by voting for unelectable third-party candidates or staying home in disgust, you are helping the Forces of Darkness who seem poised to turn out in record numbers.


If you remember the apt right now old joke about the people in Hell up to their necks in shit, if the Repugs get back in control, coffee break's over. Back on your knees.


Yes, every two years, we have to put the clothespins on our noses and do the same thing we've been doing once again. And yes, I'm getting tired of it, too. If someone has a better idea, though, then let's hear it. I've been waiting to hear a better idea for several years now.

Anybody? Bueller?


  1. The Senate and House will get their usual 90+% re-election rate and all this is sound and fury signifying nothing.


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