Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homosexuals and the Gay-friendly Straight People Represent Life; the Homophobes Represent Death...

From Michael Lassell's The Hard Way, which I've mentioned here before:

...They called us sinful, and we made monuments to the beauty of God. They called us insane, and we healed ourselves and go merrily along feeling whole and healing our fellows. They make us illegal, and we change the laws. They beat us; encamp us; murder us, one at a time and in groups; they lie about us with impunity and without conscience; but we keep surviving as a people. Because for every one who has died, there are gay people somewhere determined to live...

It seems to me, the more the homophobes try and fail to destroy us, the stronger we become. By my count, they've been trying to destroy us for some sixteen centuries -- and they have made, approximately, zero progress to date.

I think that's because we homos, in general, have an overarching urge to create, create, and create. We indulge this constant urge to create music, literature, paintings, poetry, theater, sculptures, monuments, what have you, because we simply can't help ourselves. Those, and other ways, are how we celebrate life.

Then there are the homophobes. What do they create? Babies that they have this unrelenting need to gradually turn into carbon-copy homophobes of themselves, and that's it.

That's why I titled this post what I titled it. There really isn't anything more left to say about these oxygen wasters -- the only substantial difference between them and the human immunodeficiency virus is, the latter can't thrive within a cold human body.


Make of that assertion what you will...


  1. Well, I'm not so much gay friendly as not giving a shit who people love. I'm equal rights friendly because of enlightened self-interest (if they can oppress gays because they're gay, they can oppress me for whatever they don't like about me).


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