Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a Post...

When it comes to religion, I'm basically an agnostic. That means, I think that maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't, I just have no idea of knowing one way or the other -- and I have no reason to believe that I ever will know one way or the other in my natural lifetime.

All the same, the older I get, the more I tend to believe that there is a God. And it has nothing to do with any concern about any possible afterlife. Having no way of knowing whether or not there is a God, I likewise have no way of knowing whether or not there is an afterlife. Even if there is an afterlife, I don't know with any certainty how it would relate to the life I'm living now -- for all I know, I could be living an afterlife right now, and if so, then since I have no memory of what my previous life was like, what's the point?

All I know falls under the rubric of what's here and what's now. And when it comes to the here and now, there are only two things I know for certain: what I think ought to be, and what I know is.

And that's where my growing tendency to believe that a God exists comes in. I keep looking at the way this world works, and I keep saying, "It is what it is." I keep saying that only because I cling to my notion of how things ought to be against all odds and common sense. Can't help it -- I'm human, therefore I keep fucking up. Thing is, if there's a God, then maybe there will come the day when I'm given the explanation of why things are the way they are as opposed to any other way that I think I'm owed. If there is no God, then I'll never get an explanation.

Well, I don't think God owes me anything when it comes to how I think things ought to be. That's sheer vanity -- I don't dare go there. But at the very least, I do think I'm entitled to an explanation.

Richmond's North Boulevard used to have a black billboard with white print that read: "We need to talk." -- God." Yeah, well... I'm all ears, God. Whenever You're ready...

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  1. If God wants to talk, will he phone of just beam his thoughts right into your brain?. The latter seems not much like a conversation but something as mundane as a phone isn't very God-like, is it? The burning bush thing is pretty mystical but would anyone believe you?

    Whether or not God--or any god--ever contacts you or, for that matter, even exists, all you can do is live with respect for the world and the people around you in this life. The rest will sort itself out, one way or another.


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