Monday, November 22, 2010

And Now...

Some King Crimson...

This old queerboy is still blogging, just so you know. Enjoy...


  1. >still blogging, just so you know.

    Bartkid sez,
    It has been sub-arctic here (-25 Celsuis, like -15 Farenheit) for nearly three weeks.
    So keep well.
    By the way, if you check out the related videos Stick Men (T-Lev, Pat Mat., and Michael Bernier burn through Red. Not as much nightmare fuel as the original (but then, what is?), but still an interesting take.

  2. Bartkid sez,
    And, I just have to share this earworm I have had for the last week or more:
    Man With an Open Heart.


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