Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making It Regular...

Years ago, I was a one-a-day type of blogger -- I would come home from work in the morning, read the news for a little while, write a blog post about something in the news that interested me, and then go to bed. I think I might go back to that routine, only I'll be posting at night, since I now get ready to go home around the time I used to start my shift.

There probably won't be much here in a political vein. It'll just be... stuff, I suppose. There is a presidential election not too far around the bend, but I already know how I'm voting, and for some reason, nothing ever seems to change in Washington. The top left-leaning bloggers spend far too much time going over a lot of the same well-worn grounds -- Democrats have no spine, Republicans are never held accountable, the Villagers are Very Serious People, Wall Street sux, that poll says this, this poll says that, and so on ad nauseam. All right already, I get it. What has changed lately? The congressional roster. That's it.

I would like to give the four readers I have something different from the same ol' same ol', if I can. Or, failing that, a quick review of what I've been up to lately, for anyone who may be keeping tabs...

* * *

It's stopped snowing. Good. It started coming down around 5 PM while I was still at work. That was not so good. The flakes were big and wet, and they stuck to everything. One of the CSRs had a woman who was driving through the storm on the speaker phone. She described the road as "slicker than a peeled onion." Later on, I started trekking to the bus stop in it. That woman wasn't kidding. This winter is shaping up to be as bad as the last one.

Sometimes, I think "blizzard" is a Norwegian word that means, "Can you believe all of this goddamned snow?" We didn't have a blizzard here today, but I still cannot believe all this goddamned snow we've had so far this winter...

* * *

I didn't catch the State of the Union address last night. Judging from what others have had to say about it, I didn't miss much.

But Michelle Bachmann giving the State of the Union response while looking at the wrong camera is amusing. A classic Tea Party production.

Then again, she wasn't really talking to anyone other than the Tea Partiers. So it's fitting, too...

* * *

Last item for tonight. Two girls' basketball teams played in Utah the other day. Final score: Christian Heritage defeated West Ridge Academy, 108-3.

Yes. 108... to 3.

That score was so ridiculously lopsided, Christian Heritage administrators apologized to West Ridge. I don't even know where to start with this story. Hell, I thought the 30-3 beating the Rangers gave the Orioles a few years ago was horrible.

But I'll bet that whoever the coach for the West Ridge team is might be looking for a new job soon. Man, that's a harsh final score...

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