Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You know what they say about too much of a good thing? I started taking vitamins back in the summer. I stopped taking them about a week ago. And now, I feel a little better than I did. I guess I was overdoing it on some of the essentials, and they were building up in my system, messing with it.

And I wasn't even taking them whole -- I broke them in halves and took one half in the morning before going to work. And it was still too much.

Man, the hell with these. I'll keep the foods I've been eating instead...

* * *

I got some pleasant news at work today: I'll be getting a couple hundred dollars extra or so with my next paycheck. We have a profit-sharing program there, where a portion of the profits from the previous year are divided among all eligible employees. 2010 is the company's best year in its history.

Two hundred dollars may not seem like a lot, but I can't really complain about getting free money...

* * *

Have you ever noticed how, when it comes to right-wing ideologues, they have to create their own version of everything the rest of us have? The most obvious example is their answer to the mainstream media: Fox News, the primary objective of which is to constantly tell lies to and rile up that subset of self-described conservatives who yearn to be constantly lied to and riled up. And it's not even a news organization, it's a right-wing propaganda machine run by the guy who gave us President Richard Nixon. Fox News not only generates and propagates lies, it's a lie all by itself.

There are other examples of this. In the reality-based community, we have the AARP. The right-wing ideologues' version of that is the CSA -- the Christian Seniors Association. Unlike the AARP, though, it's not the non-profit organization working on behalf of people in their 50s and older that it claims to be; it's a subsidiary of the Traditional Values Coalition, run by the Reverend Louis Sheldon. You have to admire the brass balls of this hard-right Christian leader, using deception in the name of morality and the Gospel to serve his own purposes.

Even more galling (and downright insidious) is the right-wing example of the American Civil Liberties Union. Ever heard of the ACRU? That stands for the American Civil Rights Union. Yes, a collection of mostly white and totally conservative people are using the words "civil rights" in one of their political endeavors. Talk about chutzpah!

But that's the MO of these folks. They take a word or phrase that has a specific definition, give it a different, almost entirely opposite definition, and effectively kill the word or phrase, and they do this intentionally. George Orwell did the same thing in his novel 1984 ("freedom is slavery," "ignorance is strength") but that was how he lamented the way words were intentionally being rendered meaningless in the best interests of a dictatorial, warlike government -- he didn't advocate doing this. The Far Right, on the other hand, looks like it's reading 1984 as a political manual instead of a dystopian novel.

It makes you wonder what it is they really want. By all appearances, they want it all; but the way they're going about it, what they really desire is nothing at all. They're like necrophiliacs who are in deep denial. That's fucked up, man...

* * *

One last thing. In recent months, I have started swearing by two certain foods: garlic and red onions. Can't get enough of either one. I've been including them in meals twice a day for a while, and if they're not giving me all this extra energy I've been running on since, I don't know where it's coming from.

But I found out there's one thing you shouldn't do with them: never put them in a microwave. Apparently, the radiation kills the active ingredients in these things. So nuke whatever you plan to eat, and then add the garlic and red onions raw. I nuke a lot of my meals at work, so I thought this might be a useful tip to anyone else who relies on microwaves a lot.


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