Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Stuff...

I yanked the Billy Joel clip. I didn't have a problem with posting it at the time, but I have a problem with it being up here now. So it's gone. Some things that seem like an okay idea at the time seem pretty stupid later.

And so far, that's been the only eventful thing that's happened for me today. Went back to work this morning, put in eight hours, completed a moderate and rather dull workload, punched out, and went home. In other words, a typical Monday.

I'll probably spend some time online at King and Pogo tonight. I'm not in the mood for brushing up on any political crap tonight, and definitely not anything to do with a certain person named Jared. Aside from being uneventful (and unusually cold), this hasn't been a bad day -- why screw it up now?

In other news, there are going to be some important changes this year. One is that I'm planning on moving out of my current apartment, sometime around late spring/early summer. I won't know where, or begin to know where, until about April -- I have to wait and see how things go at work until then. A second is that, barring any emergencies, I'll actually be saving money soon instead of constantly being two or three paychecks away from becoming homeless. Which means I'll finally have the money to buy a new synth.

A third change may or may not happen: cross-training in the department I'm in for what is known in the printing business as imposition. Currently, I carve up matchprints and digital proofs and burn plates for the pressroom all day. Sometimes I do some inventory, plate processor maintenance, and housekeeping, and that's about it. What started out as a thirty-day trial back in March somehow turned into what seems like a permanent gig. But I can't see myself doing this forever -- at some point, I'll be expected to learn more about the pre-press aspects of the job. I mentioned the idea of learning imposition to my supervisor last month; it turns out he and one of our bosses had already been talking to each other along the same lines. It wouldn't hurt. We have two people doing imposition; when one goes on vacation, the other has to cover a workload for two. I can name about fifteen coworkers off the top of my head who can burn plates -- if I knew imposition, they could pull me out of the plate room for that and get one of these other fifteen to work on the plates. But for now, it's all been just talk.

Well, all right. I'm gonna go pick a game to play for a while before bedtime.

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