Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Time To Seek New Horizons...

Here are two posts by Cookie Jill over at skippy's place: the one about orders for pizza for the protesters in Wisconsin coming in from other countries... and the one about the 50-something man who committed suicide because not only had he been unemployed for more than two years, he simply had nothing more to live for.

In the latter, you have one person who has given up all hope; in the former, you have a bunch of people who refuse to give up hope. I see the connection between the two -- it's what Benjamin Franklin had in mind when he told his fellow Founding Fathers they all needed to hang together against the British, lest they all hang separately.

But when I observe what's going on in Wisconsin, I feel like all I'm doing is watching a movie. I sympathize with the protesters, who are my natural allies, but it's like I'm watching all of this happen from a place I can look out of, but no one else can look into. It's very strange, and a little disturbing. It's like I can't feel a thing from any of this -- including the unemployed guy who said the hell with it all.

I think I may have burned myself out when it comes to politics and class. This stuff just isn't registering with me anymore...

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  1. Time to pull back and find some comedies to watch, apolitical stuff. Try it, it sounds like it can't hurt at this point, eh?


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