Sunday, February 6, 2011

This, That, And The Other Thing...

Yesterday morning, I went to the bank and started a second account. This comes on the heels of me finally wading into online banking territory. The account I've had all these years is the one I will be actively using as I always have; the new one, for now, is strictly for putting money into.

Yes. I am finally putting money aside for the future for the first time in my life. Took me forty years to start doing this.

Sure, I could have done all of this at home online. But I made the trip to the bank for the same reasons I still don't use direct deposit: I'm old-fashioned, and I like seeing a human face when I'm putting money into my account, not a damn screen. I'll deal with this new account online. Come payday, I'm still going to the bank.

But there was one thing about yesterday's visit I didn't like, and it's the same spiel I get every time I make a notable purchase anywhere. By notable, I mean a few to several hundred dollars or more. You go out to get yourself one thing, and the salesperson (or, in this case, my personal banker) wants to sell you one or more additional things.

I find that greatly annoying. "We offer identity theft protection through this program if you're" -- No. "You can monitor your credit report free for one month, and then it's" -- No. "Wow, it's not every day I sit down with a customer who has a major credit card, would you" -- NO!

Okay, I wasn't actually this rude. I didn't respond in this manner to those offers -- and I just might give the credit card one some more thought later. My point is, all I wanted to do was go to bank, open account, shake hand, say thanks, and leave bank -- I ain't tryin' to tie the place up in knots here. If I want a credit check, I'll get one. For now, just give me what I want, nothing more or less, and lemme go.

I'll take it from there. On my own time...

* * *

Later on, I went to Martin's to buy some groceries. The woman at the register asked me, "What is 'Such-and-such'?"

"It's a printing company," I answered. "Such-and-such" is the print shop I work for, and I was wearing my black company jacket at the time.

"It sounded familiar," she said. "I was in the printing business for years. I was replaced by a machine."

"Oh." I hate hearing stories like this.

There was more to the brief conversation, but I don't remember exactly what was said by either of us. Same dynamic at work as with the bank -- go to market, buy items, pay for items, say thanks, and leave market. But it's a twenty-seven-minute walk home, so naturally, I got to thinking...

On the one hand, I thought the whole point of making the most of technology was so we humans wouldn't have to work for a living anymore, and be freed up to do other things. On the other hand, what else is there for us to do? The woman I talked to yesterday basically got kicked out of the printing business thanks to a machine, and wound up working in a supermarket. But when I go to the supermarket, I like to use the self-checkout lanes whenever possible -- I only went to her register because all the self-checkout lanes were closed. Where would she go if the entire place went self-checkout?

I mean, yeah, we've got an official unemployment rate of nine percent right now, down a little bit from before, but I'll let BadTux explain why that's a bunch of bull. What's the point of being technologically advanced if all that truly translates into is more and more of the people being left behind being ignored as well? Where are they all supposed to go?

* * *

My supervisor downloaded some King Crimson, and I got to hear some of it Friday morning -- so my Friday wasn't totally shot. Included was my all-time favorite rock 'n roll song...

I can't say it went over too well with some of my co-workers. But given what I had to say in my last blog post, it certainly helped me get through my day. I owe him one.

Enjoy -- or not, whatever your preference...

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  1. Not bad, actually I liked the music quite a bit! Wish you would answer your e-mails as often as you post blogs!!! M. :-)


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