Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Once In A While, Someone Gives A Damn...

The workload at the print shop has just been staggering lately. And it's been consuming people, and they're acting somewhat strangely as a result -- it isn't just me with the blogging, trust me. But a little after 5 PM today, I was talking to one of the CSRs in between plate-burning sessions, and at one point, I said, "Oh, you know when I got out of here Friday? Quarter to midnight."

She grimaced. Not that I blame her -- if she stays past six, it's like staying until quarter to midnight for her. But when I told her about how I'd been carving up the sixty-four digital proofs that were spitting out of the printer at a snail's pace, her face lit up.

Turns out the client I was carving up proofs for that night was assigned to her -- and boy, was she thankful that I stayed long enough to get most of them done. She had expected to be begging and screaming for them on Monday as 5 PM approached, and instead she had them all in her hands around 1. Needless to say, she likes me a whole lot right now.

And I was all like: "Um... you're welcome. Glad I could be of assistance." Did not see that coming.

As much as I bitch and complain about all the time I spend at work now, I just might have to spend a little more there now. Hell, the whole point of taking me out of the pressroom and putting me in pre-press was to make other people's jobs easier, and I have done that very well.

Might as well keep on doing it. It hasn't failed me yet...

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