Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good... To An Extent...

I stumbled across some good political news tonight. You know how some progressives thought it would be a wonderful idea to pit Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders against Obama in the primaries next year? Well, check out the Sanders For President web site.

One less thing for Democrats to worry about next year.

I dealt with this subject over at skippy's place a couple weeks ago, making my case why I thought drafting Bernie Sanders was a bad idea. On one hand, I really hate finding myself at odds with my co-contributors there, my allies, and that has happened more times than I care to remember -- two weeks ago, it was George over Sen. Sanders, and now Mahakal and I are going at each other, starting with our differing opinions on Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and me going through the roof when he called me blind and suggested that I was a right-winger. Common sense tells me to just stay away from skippy's place from now on, and yet I keep going right back to it. I guess some part of me enjoys the abuse.

But on the other hand, Sanders deciding not to run for president is one of those little things that makes me want to keep blogging. Once in a while, things go my way. That, and I've managed to find an approach to this medium that is more user-friendly and satisfying, especially when it comes to politics, than the old way. One simple adjustment was all it took: I stopped looking at what I thought ought to be, and started concentrating on what is -- or, as I like to phrase it, logistics first, strategy later. This is why I think I fail to make the grade as a progressive, or what passes for one these days. Progressives have plenty of good ideas, and obviously they know what they want. But their main problem seems to be, if not knowing how to go about getting what they want, then letting their faith in their ideals cripple whatever chance they have of getting what they want -- whatever chance they have of turning what they think ought to be into what is.

And they keep making this mistake over and over. This time, it was the Draft Sanders nonsense. The time before that, it was opposing the health care reform bill because it didn't contain a public option. Fortunately, progressives came to their senses while there was still time back then, once they realized that if it failed this time around, it might be another generation before they had a real shot at reforming health care. The votes needed for the public option did not exist in Congress -- hence, no public option. Logistics first, strategy later. The bill that got signed into law is a goddamned mess, no question, but at least there's something in place that can potentially be debugged as time goes by -- that's better than nothing. But this time around, it took a sitting senator to bring progressives back to earth.

That's the part that worries me, knowing full well that somewhere down the road, something else is going to happen that will rile up the progressive bloc, and thus threaten to ball matters up all over again. Because these folks never seem to learn from their mistakes. I don't know if I have the stomach -- or, for that matter, the sphincter -- for the next eighteen months. If it was just the Tea Partiers I had to contend with, I wouldn't mind -- I can focus on and confront one political enemy. But when there are progressive clowns to the left of me and Tea Party jokers to the right?

Well, I'm a logistics man now. I don't like what I'm seeing here...

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