Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Call Them "After-Birthers" Now*...

One post over at the Great Orange Satan got my attention tonight. It concerns Karl Rove's contention that Obama suckered Republicans into becoming birthers. Oh, Lord, here we go. I suppose Hillary Clinton suckered Republicans into believing she murdered Vince Foster, too. Get the fuck outta here, Rove. Why anybody ever thought this clown was a political genius, I'll never know. He did one thing very well over the years, and that was using the power of advertising to turn his political opponents' strengths into weaknesses in order to make George W. Bush look good. Rove may be Bush's brain, but he doesn't seem to know jack about anything beyond Bush. That ain't genius, it's fixation.

As for why Obama didn't release his birth certificate earlier? Um... he did. In 2008. While he was running for president. John Cole has already covered this nicely.

And as for Obama's reluctant participation in this birther nonsense? As he said, he has better things to do than address this ridiculous non-issue of where he was born, and he only did so to demonstrate that point. Sounds like a clear-cut answer to me.

So then, Donald Trump, as if to prove Obama's point that it's time to get serious and we don't have time to give this birther nonsense any more attention, goes ahead and draws more attention to it. "Why didn't Obama do this sooner?" "We need to examine it to prove it's authentic." "Yeah, I know we need to get serious, but I'm a publicity whore and a natural-born grifter with boatloads of money and a big fucking yap, I just can't help myself."

Of course, this issue will drag on... and on... and on.

Gonna be a long eighteen months...

* * *

{*: I don't know who came up with "after-birther," but I first saw it at Digby's place. It's priceless...}

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