Monday, July 25, 2011

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Ever get the uneasy feeling that the progressives and the Tea Partiers are just two sides of the same coin?

They both favor ideology over pragmatism, they both believe that their versions of what ought to be is of more immediate relevance than what actually is, they both want every item on their respective wish lists delivered to them right now, and it all better be packaged exactly the way they want it all packaged, or there's gonna be hell to pay once the primaries roll around.

Or some nonsense along those lines -- I can't quite recall how that's supposed to work. This is one disadvantage to abstaining from alcohol: a lot of the things left- and right-wing ideologues say make more sense if you've already put away three or four bottles of beer. Once you've started cleaning up and your system has been on the mend for a little while, their rants and raves sound more and more like... well, rants and raves.

And I'm the one who's talking to a therapist. I dunno, I just thought maybe getting my mind back in focus, my system straightened out, and my feet back on the ground was a good idea. It makes getting through the day a whole lot easier, but blogging about politics has gotten noticeably harder. And there's a big election coming up next year. Manic progressives and teabaggers taking turns playing Poutrage -- just like now. Sounds like it's gonna be fuckin' hilarious.

Just like now.

(Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...)

* * *

On a better note, the results from the blood work I had done on the 15th turned up in my mailbox. This was the follow-up to blood work I had done in May. One number for my thyroid had risen above the normal range enough to get my doctor's attention; hence the additional blood work.

Well, that level has dropped to within the high end of the normal range. I'm still a bit concerned, but right now, the only thing I can think of that would cause this change for the better in two months and without any medication is having stopped drinking. I was drinking more heavily than was normal for me in May, for various reasons; as of July 15, however, I hadn't had a single beer in almost a week. That's the only major change I've made in two months.

I'll probably have some more blood work done later this year, just to see what everything looks like compared to the last two sets of results. You never know...

* * *

I decided to get back into sketching. There's this song that's been popping in and out of my head for a few days now: "White Bird" by It's A Beautiful Day. It's from the late 60s, and I have it in my iTunes. It's a wonderful song, but it seems no one ever plays it on the radio anymore, certainly not on what passes for the classic rock station here in the Richmond area.

Anyway, this is what I sketched out with that song in mind...

And while I'm at it, here's the song:


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  1. I remember the song, and enjoyed hearing it again, but I LOVED the sketch of the white bird! I'd love to see a lot more of your work in the future! Happy to hear about the bloodwork. Things seem to be setteling down and falling into place. I'm SOOOO happy to hear that. As for the politic situation, it is what it is, and it will never change. They'll always be A$$H@LE$ in Washington. M. :-)


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