Monday, December 30, 2013

Mind Your Ducks...

I took this picture in front of Nashua's Crowne Plaza hotel last night. This city is funny to me sometimes, and these ducks being where they were is one case in point. On one hand, Nashua is chock full of what my old print shop colleague back in Virginia, Tom the Shipping Guy, would call "natural-born assholes" -- a description that I think is self-explanatory. On the other hand, there are duck-crossing road signs leading to this hotel, which is unusual in the midst of so many natural-born assholes. Several of my customers, all from out of town, have commented in roughly equal measures of amusement and approval on Nashua's concern for its duck population -- which makes me assume that there aren't too many other American cities with yellow diamond duck-crossing signs on their major roads, but I dunno.

Whatever the case, this is one thing about Nashua I like. Granted, these little guys make me a bit nervous whenever I drive up to the Crowne lobby -- I've seen more than a few squashed ducks in that very spot in the pic -- because they seem to have zero street-sense. Also, the group I brought to the Crowne last night made an emphatic point to warn me to watch out for the ducks. Like I needed to be warned.

Hell, look at the photo. It's a little blurry. It was cold and rainy, and I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with a friggin' phone, but there were also about sixty more ducks that you can't see here, and most of them were waddling my way. People run these poor bastards over often enough to compel the city to install duck-crossing signs, and they still come right up to me? What are they, part zombie?!

So I took the pic and, having made sure none of them were in front of my cab, I split. It just spooked me a little. Go ahead and laugh. I get a little spooked when I'm driving along a southern NH back road at night and encounter a deer or two also, but I've seen that deer usually have enough street-sense to get or stay out of my way. The ducks around here are downright suicidal. They should substitute "duck" for "deer" with that "in the headlights" expression if you asked me...

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  1. Bring some stale bread with you next time and throw it out the window as you leave. They'll go for that instead of you!!! M. ;-)


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