Monday, April 28, 2014

Enjoy Your Meal...

One episode of the excellent Breaking Bad series opens with folks making Big Blue meth in the illicit secret lab Gus Fring has under his licit laundromat. They wrap it up real tight, then put the packages inside buckets of chicken batter (that Fring uses in his fast food Pollos Hermanos chicken outlets) which they mark with a star stamp you need a UV light to see. All this stuff, loaded and otherwise, ships out via many 18-wheelers to as many destinations -- and Mr. Fring stands there rather stoically watching them all roll out.

The 3rd of each month around 1 AM, some people get their government checks deposited in their accounts. That is also when the office phone at the taxi company I work for begins lighting up like a Christmas tree -- or, as I describe it, when the Pollos Hermanos truck pulls into Nashua.

If there are only two kinds of people in this world I hate, the pushers are first and the junkies are second. And the only reason the pushers are first on my list is because they chose to dance with the devil. That's the difference between them and the junkies...


  1. Thing is, a lot of the tweakers now do their own shake-and-bake, so they don't need the pushers anymore. The tweakers have ravaged our backcountry here in the West, they've stolen and/or destroyed irreplaceable historical artifacts, burned down structures just for fun, and otherwise been a plague upon the land. Yeah, they're addicted to the high that meth gives them, but look. Even without meth, most of them are assholes. Just sayin.

    -- Badtux the Politically Incorrect Penguin

    1. I kinda wish the tweakers around here were just as independent. They can stay spun for a week or so, but they still call for a cab to take them to their drug den three lousy blocks away.

      I feel like an accomplice some nights...


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