Thursday, May 29, 2014


For some reason, this is the only sport I could watch all morning, afternoon, and night, and never really find it boring. My love of the game certainly doesn't spring from my meager Little League experiences. In my one year of that, I had two singles in eight or nine at-bats and struck out three times. I did manage to draw one walk, and from there I stole second base -- one for one in lifetime stolen base attempts is the only more-than-dim spot on my kiddie career -- and I had to be replaced after almost getting picked off of second despite my entire team yelling me to go back for at least five seconds.

I never could play the game worth a damn. I never could blog about political issues from the left side of the aisle, either. Yet I still follow baseball, largely through the Red Sox as I did during the 80s, much like I still follow politics in a significant way through that ever-plodding-forward donkey-by-default blogger BadTux. I want to see them both win, in spite of everything.

The difference is, the Sox have done it more than once in tbe last ten years. Where's BadTux's ring? He doesn't homer much, but I have seen a couple seasons where he's hit close to the level of Wade Boggs in his prime -- me, the best I've done is steal bases the way Sammy Sosa did before he got addicted to that homer juice called steroids.

Anyway, I tend to follow baseball the way I used to follow politics. But for me, it's mostly a return to roots, whereas politics is merely a necessary evil. I don't know why baseball draws me in.

Then again, I don't know why northern mockingbirds insist on incorporating other birds' songs into their own personal repertoires. They just do it -- and they do it wonderfully well...

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