Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can The Red Sox DFA The Owners?

Or, failing that, can someone explain to me why, when your team's offense and not its pitching is the big problem, you would trade away your two best starting pitchers who have proven their worth to you for hitters who may or may not work out in their new home?

The Red Sox starting five in April were Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jake Peavy, Clay Buchholz, and Felix Doubront. Lester got to pitch in the All-Star game, and Lackey's having a hell of a year in his own right. But of the five, my favorite is still Peavy, even though he was 1-9 before he was traded to the Giants. He's 33 and not what he used to be, but every time he got on the mound, I wanted him to win, because he went to work every day and always played to win -- and he might have been at least 4-9 if he'd had some goddamned run support.

Then there was Doubront. It got to the point where when he took the mound, I wanted him to just try -- his performance this year was bad enough to put him in the bullpen, and he did so poorly there, he got himself traded to the Cubs the other day. At least Peavy went to a team that's in solid contention for a World Series bid -- Doubront went from one cellar dweller to another. Good luck with that, Felix.

And that sucks, because last year, Felix had a two-month stretch where he was the ace the way he was pitching; it was Lester who was going through a rough patch. I don't know what happened to Doubront this year.

But he went to the Cubs, Peavy went to the Giants, and then there were three. I knew Lester was on the trading block, but until I heard he went to the A's this afternoon, I refused to believe he'd be let go.

And then John Lackey, too? Really? A guy who came back from that 2011 beer-and-chicken infamy and Tommy John surgery to help win a World Series last year -- he gets traded to the Cardinals, the team he beat for that ring?

Dear Red Sox Brass: What are you, fuckin' stupid?!  Oh, my, God. There's rebuilding a broken team, and then there's killing your golden goose. You want to build a castle in the sky, go ahead, but don't sell your house here on earth so you can go live in it...

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