Thursday, December 18, 2014

U. S. Rte. 3, Nashua Edition...

Around 5 PM Tuesday, there was a four-car accident on Route 3 northbound by exit 6. Apparently it started in the leftmost lane when one car slowed down abruptly and got rear-ended by the vehicle behind it. Being a cab driver in this city and working that afternoon, I wound up hearing multiple accounts of what happened from some of my customers and some of my coworkers. Naturally, some of those accounts were about 180 degrees out of phase with others. Some people told me what they heard, while at least one coworker was making stuff up because I've worked with them for two years now and frankly, I know that's just the way they roll -- if they were to see a female black bear and her two cubs amble past the cab stand, for example, they'd say they saw three half-ton grizzlies racing toward the Tree streets. Some information I take with a grain of salt; other times, I have to avoid the info altogether.

In this case, there were two main and equally plausible ideas as to how this accident happened. One was, some jackhole in a hurry going nowhere weaved into another lane when they shouldn't have and wound up snarling traffic all the way downtown and elsewhere; the other was, someone not from around here was puttering around in a lane to the left of the one they should have been in, and that threw someone off enough to set off a four-car accident.

Me, I think the way that stretch of Rte. 3 is laid out played a part. The distance where the on-ramp of exit 5 ends and the off-ramp of exit 7 West begins -- wherein lie exit 6 and exit 7 East -- is around 1.25 miles. That's it.

Think about that for a minute. You have some vehicles trying to get off the highway at three points and other vehicles trying to get on it at three other points, all within a one-and-one-quarter-mile span, traveling at high speeds. Perhaps I should add here that I assiduously avoid using Rte. 3 around 5 PM whenever I can. But perhaps you already sensed that.

Whoever designed the main roadways of Nashua was doing a drug I either want nothing to do with or want to overdose on and die from...

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