Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"The Herd Mentality"...

(In 1995, I actually made an album. A concept album at that. Its title was Scenes From The Night Shift. The second track was "Life That Thrives Beyond The Sun." Years later, I changed the title to "The Herd Mentality." I never released the album. Still, this is one of the best songs I ever wrote... -- JY)

The sun sets and souls and shadows stretch along the train tracks
A new night begins as the scarlet evening fades to black
Streetlights mark the town
With the help of passing cars
Where there used to be just stars

Rat race routines leave a lot no rat's desired
While I'm warming up everybody else is hot and tired
Been a part of that before
And the herd mentality
It don't work for me

Right now people watch TV from their easy chairs and beds
Blind to life that thrives beyond the sun
In the morning they punch in and rent their services for chicken feed
Then punch out when the day is done
If they choose to live that way that's fine with me
But how much feed can one man stand
Giving away what heart and soul hadn't already been stolen
By avarice and Disneyland

A dark basement tavern erupts in ready violence
Nearby drunken teenage girls are mortgaging their innocence
It's amazing what goes down
And the boys in blue stand by
And nobody asks them why

The outbound train arrives
There's nothing more to see
It suggests I move along
I agree

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