Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Square One"...

(Author's note: this is track seven from that Scenes From The Night Shift album from '95 I never released. It was inspired by, of all things, an issue of Dave Sim's Cerebus, the only comic book I ever followed for a dozen years just to see how it would end. Never heard of Cerebus? Google it... -- JY)

The life you led only yesterday
Just like the hopes and dreams that made it real
Is over
The rest will turn to dust and blow away
Leaving your story incomplete as you feel inside
All the same you've just begun
Volume two chapter one

Pages that take you back to a world you thought long gone
Back to the charred remains of a house you once called yours
Back to the drawing board to wonder what went wrong
Back to the sleepless night out of life and out of doors
Still you know you'll be walking in the sun
Once you go back to square one

When you see your friends again you can feel ashamed
When they catch your eye you can look away
You can close your ears when they call your name
Say goodbye or don't say goodbye
It's all okay 'cause either way the damage has been done
Take your piece and go back to square one

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